Protect your business with Commercial  General Liability Insurance.

As a responsible business owner, it’s important to keep your business safe. Necessary events and situations  may occur that put your business and financial situation at risk. Consider the benefits of general business  insurance to protect your business from liability and protect against personal injury, property damage,  and third-party claims.

Main Benefits of Commercial General Liability Insurance:

  • This regional insurance covers bodily injury or damage to third parties at the insured location.
  • This insurance can help you if your business is sued for bodily injury or damage from the use of  your products.

Who Are Covered?

General business insurance covers many organizations, including:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership, joint venture, unincorporated entity
  • Employees (employed)
  • Subsidiary or newly acquired or incorporated entity
  • Unincorporated partnership, joint venture or unincorporated entity

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Extensions and Add-ons:

  • Covering costs protects your business from legal claims.
  • Protects you from liability for the products you sell or the work you do.
  • Extended coverage for certain areas not covered by the standard policy.
  • Covers non-physical injuries such as defamation, defamation or crime.
  • Provides emergency protection.
  • Provide regular coverage from an event.

Policy Mart’s comprehensive business insurance is designed to provide the best protection for your business,  giving you the peace of mind to focus on growth and success. Don’t expect the unexpected to happen –  protect your business today.

Terms and Condition:

Coverage: Business insurance provides financial protection for your business against unexpected events like property damage, liability claims, and business interruptions. The specific coverage you choose will be outlined in your policy documents.

Premiums: The premium is the amount you pay periodically (monthly, annually, etc.) to maintain your insurance coverage. It’s based on factors like the type of business, coverage amount, and risk assessment.

Exclusions: Certain events or risks may not be covered by the policy. Common exclusions include intentional acts, criminal activities, and natural disasters not mentioned in the policy.

Documentation: To make a claim, you must provide accurate and timely documentation, such as police reports, photographs, and receipts, to support your claim’s validity.

Claim Process: If you need to file a claim, you must inform the insurance company promptly. They will guide you through the claim process and investigate the incident before providing compensation.

Renewals and Cancellations: Your business insurance policy will have a renewal date. You must renew it before the expiration to maintain coverage. If you wish to cancel the policy, follow the cancellation procedure and be aware of any applicable fees.

Policy Limits: There will be limits on the amount the insurance company will pay for certain types of claims. It’s crucial to understand these limits to avoid unexpected financial burdens.

Misrepresentation: Providing false information or not disclosing relevant details during the application process can lead to the cancellation of your policy or denial of claims.

Liability Limits: Business insurance may offer coverage for legal liabilities resulting from injuries to third parties or property damage. The policy will specify the maximum amount the insurer will pay for such claims.

Waiting Period: Some policies may have a waiting period before certain types of claims are eligible for coverage. Be aware of this duration to plan your business’s risk management accordingly.

Subrogation: If the insurer pays a claim and believes another party is responsible, they may seek reimbursement from that party. This process is known as subrogation.

Change in Business: If your business undergoes significant changes, such as expansion or diversification, you must inform the insurance company to ensure adequate coverage.

Fraud Prevention: The policy will outline the insurance company’s stance on fraud prevention and penalties for fraudulent claims.

Policy Amendments: The insurance company may update the terms and conditions from time to time. They will notify you of any changes in advance.

Dispute Resolution: In case of disagreements between you and the insurer, there may be provisions for dispute resolution, including arbitration or mediation.

Remember that this summary is a general overview. To fully understand the terms and conditions, carefully review the actual policy documents provided by Policy Bazaar before making any decisions regarding business insurance.


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