Securing Your Future with First Life Insurance in India

Planning for future financial security is an important step and First Life Guaranteed Benefits India provides solutions to protect your financial health. This map shows the benefits of the program and allows you to understand the financial support the program can provide to you and your loved ones.

About India First Life Guaranteed Benefit Plan:

India First Life Guaranteed Benefit Plan is a non-linked, unattended, limited liability retirement plan designed to provide financial security.


  • Lump-sum Benefit: Rs. 3,557,250
  • Death Guarantee: Rs. 3,600,000 (right on start)
  • Riders Option: None

Annual Fees and Benefits Statement:

  • Receive:₹3,557,250
  • Pay: ₹1,800,000

Disclaimer: This acknowledgment form shows the policy’s annual premiums and benefits for your use.

Important Notes:

  • Please contact our Insurance Consultant for advice on this image.
  • Warranties do not include surcharges, frequent freight charges, passenger charges and GST.
  • See sales information for details and additional product details.
  • charges may be eligible for tax benefits under applicable tax laws.
  • Benefits under this policy are subject to tax laws and financial regulations.
  • The transfer fee is payable if all the fees for the first two years have been paid.
  • Surrender Allowance is based on the higher of the Minimum Guaranteed Surrender Value and the Special Surrender Value.
  • The company may claim additional premium as insurance.
  • This grant is based on a merit-based measure.

Policy benefits calculated by year:

  • Year 1: You receive: Rs 3,557,250 | You pay: Rs 360,000
  • Year 2: You receive: Rs 3,557,250: You pay Rs 360,000
  • Year 3: You Get: Rs 3,557,250 You Pay: Rs 360,000

Details of Payments:

  • Payments Payment (excluding VAT): Rs. 360.000
  • Installment Fee (including 1 year GST): Rs. 376,200
  • Payments (2nd year extension with GST): Rs. 368,100

Understand how the policy works:

The policy has a maturity of 15 years and is a long-term investment that protects your future. You can easily manage your financial commitments with a 5-year payment period. This balanced structure ensures that you do not face long-term costs.

Benefit Over Time The benefits of:

First Life India Guaranteed Benefits Plan increase over time. From moment 1, you agree to receive a profit of Rs 360,000 in exchange for decorations. continued with interest for the next period. Interest rate progress reflects the plan’s commitment to boosting your financial future.


  • 1- You will get benefits of Rs 3,557,250 with annual premium of Rs 360,000 for
  • 2- This means that your investment will not only grow, but will also give you a nice return.
  • 3- The affordability of programs is important.
  • 4- You can get very good results by paying the right amount.
  • 5- The plan provides a death benefit of Rs 3,600,000 from the date the policy goes into effect.
  • 6- This ensures that your loved ones are financially secure in the event of an adverse event.
  • 7- This policy provides a variety of medical benefits for family members, including you, your spouse, children, and parents.
  • 8- This change allows you to extend the benefits to your entire family.
  • 9- The GST rate is 4 for the first year.
  • 10-50% per year with a 2.25% annual discount for the next year.
  • 11-This ensures that you can take advantage of it without the high GST overhead.

Expert guidance and support When you choose:

India First, you not only invest in a plan, but also receive advice and support. The company’s role as a partner of Platinum Insurance speaks volumes about its commitment to prioritize your claim and provide you with a comprehensive experience.


 Invest in First Life Get Global Services India is a step towards the future and the financial security of your loved ones. With its guaranteed benefits, affordability and expert support, this plan is designed to give you peace of mind and financial security. Take a positive step towards your future and create a secure tomorrow with First Life Guaranteed Benefit Plan in India.

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