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Our flexible car insurance products allow you to create a policy that fits your needs. Start with insurance coverage, including third-party fire and theft, and other benefits, then choose the coverage you need, including coverage, coverage, wind protection services, and more.


Third Party, Fire and Theft:

  • Fire and theft damage to your vehicle.
  • Unlimited personal injury legal third party liability.
  • Third party property damage, up to 30,000,000 € legal liability.
  • Use our services whenever possible emergency, theft or attempted theft.

Reach the market value of your vehicle at the time of loss or damage.

European Cover:

  • We provide free insurance for drivers in the EU and other countries. Up to 60 days coverage is included.

Replacement Lock and Key:

  • If a lock, key or similar device is stolen during a robbery, assault or threat of violence, we will pay a maximum of €750 for replacement and/or rewriting. Please note that we will not pay if keys are stolen due to fraud or fraud, stolen by family members, reported missing, or keys returned. See. Section, Subsection 4, Benefit 6 Car Insurance Policy Documents

Fire Brigade Charge:

  • We will pay fire brigade to contain or extinguish a fire in a vehicle, or we will use cutting tools to remove the driver or passenger from the vehicle. If the fire occurred in a legal claim covered by your policy, we will pay up to, up to a maximum of €1,000.

Free Temporary Car Substitution:

  • When maintaining or repairing their own vehicle, we provide 7-day insurance for private vehicles up to 2000cc loaned to the owner from the garage. This coverage is listed on your insurance certificate. In such cases, you should only contact us if your needs go beyond what is listed on the certificate.

Motor Vehicle Tax:

  • We will pay the illegal corpse tax if you fail to get the refund back from License Authority after the vehicle (insured under your policy) has been legally deregistered.

Driver Assistance and Roadside Assistance:

  • We will send a qualified mechanic/transporter to assist you at the fault location.
  • We will cover the cost of driving your vehicle to the nearest gas station or driving your EV to the nearest EV charging point or mortgage payment point, whichever is closer. (Please note – if there is no mechanic within 50km / 30mile radius of your breakdown location, you will be charged for the extra mileage).
  • We will send about 2 words from yourself to someone in your family or business contact.

Journey Continue – Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland:

  • Complete the journey for you and your passengers Up to €150 / £100.
  • Car donation up to 48 hours (Class A).
  • B&B service , maintenance required for overnight stay , worth €35 / £25 per person. the maximum we pay is 150 € / 100 £.

Ongoing journey – United Kingdom:

  • Car Care (Class A) Up to 48 hours, up to £100 discount.
  • Once you have your car repaired in the UK, with your permission, we can arrange a trip for you to and pick up your from the garage.
  • If your vehicle cannot be repaired by your departure date of, your vehicle will be towed to departure port. Section ferry company will ask you to drive home from.

Emergencies Covered:

Driver Assistance and Roadside Assistance:

  • You need help repairing or replacing a tire on a wheel
  • The key in the lock is broken or the key is locked in the car.
  • Lost or stolen keys.
  • Your vehicle has been filled with the wrong fuel or petrol.
  • Your car ran out of gas or your electric car died.
  • Your car has been in an accident.

Ongoing journey – United Kingdom:

  • Your car breaks down in the UK and cannot be repaired at the breakdown Centre.


In the event of an accident you should obtain the information:

  • Name, contact information and vehicle details of all parties involved.
  • Insurance information, including each participant’s policy number. Details of people who witnessed incident
  • or members of the Garda Siochana who were at the crash site.
  • Take photos/videos before moving, the vehicle will be sent to us later. If the is unsafe, wait until the vehicle has been moved to a safe location, then take photos/videos of the damaged area, license and insurance.
  • Please retain all dashcam footage of the claim to help us search and collect details from witnesses related to this incident.

In this case, you must provide:

  • Your and the owner’s name and address.
  • Your vehicle’s license and insurance must be given to other interested parties and, if requested, to the Police Service.
  • If anyone is injured, whether alive or not, the police should be reported.
  • Please call us on 01 613 3990 to report the incident as soon as possible (staff rates may vary) or if you are outside Ireland please call 00 353 1 613 3990 on.
  • Report the incident to your insurance company and go to. If you encounter a foreign driver, the Irish Motor Insurance Bureau (3/4 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2). Phone: 0035316769944. Website: WWW.MIBI.IE.

If your car has been stolen, you should do the following:

  • Report the incident to Allianz on 01 613 3990 on as soon as you discover that your vehicle has been lost (transaction rates may vary).
  • Fill in the Application form (bottom of the page) and have it stamped by the Police Department.
  • Submit our completed application.
  • If your vehicle has not been returned within 14 days, please send us the keys, your driver’s license, a copy of your financial contract
  • and the NCT certificate (if required). If your vehicle is returned, you must immediately contact us on 01 613 3990 (operator , rates may vary) and tell us where your vehicle is.
  • If your car is stolen we will give you a good for Class A car (Ford Ka or similar) valid for 14 days.
  • If the vehicle is recovered within this period and given to one of our mechanics, you will be entitled to 7 days free of charge from the day the vehicle is recovered, yes.

Aligned Repairers:

If your vehicle has been damaged in an accident or fire, contact Allianz on 01 613 3990 (operator charges may vary), report the incident on. We have several teams of Allianz editors to choose from. If you decide to take your numbered vehicle to one of our approved workshops, you will receive a.

  • A Class B quality car (Toyota Aygo or similar) for 7 days.
  • Three-year warranty for all garage repairs.
  • Direct cost. If the garage fixes the car, you just pay the advertising fees and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Repairs are made according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If the vehicle becomes unusable, the Alignment Repairman
  • will prepare the vehicle for removal.

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