Personal Loan (Portugal)

BPI Personal Loan allows you to get everything you need without much effort. Discover all the good things.

Customize your personal credit:

Find out what BPI has to offer so you can complete your plan and choose the payment term that suits your needs:

  • Loans: More for your needs, for all purposes.
  • Term: Up to 120 months for income 7,600 EUR, up to 84 months for 7,600 EUR financing: decide how long you want to repay the loan.
  • Choose the monthly payment that best fits your family budget.

Signing the BPI Personal Loan:

contract is easy Once you’ve decided which review fits your needs, send the following information to BPI:

  • Citizenship Card.
  • 3 updated pay slips.
  • Last year income tax return.
  • Money will be deposited into your account shortly after your loan is approved.

Before accepting the loan, please clear your doubts, read the loan agreement and detailed information and make sure the payment is within your budget each month.

Risk and Security:

BPI Personal Loan is the Allianz Life Insurance policy, which requires payment of the loan in case of death or incapacity of the insured.

You can take out credit protection insurance for your peace of mind. With the first payment, your loan is secured against temporary incapacity for work due to terms and conditions for the duration of the loan. and/or illness, job dissatisfaction, hospitalization and unpaid wages.

Loans for all purpose:

Apply for a personal loan with BPI to help you with your projects.

Financial Example 1

  • Cost: 5.000 Euro.
  • 82.70 x 84 months.
  • NAR: 9.5%.
  • Annual Revenue (TAEG): 12.7%.
  • consumer value: 7.313.52 Euro.
  • Life insurance (month ): 2.08 Euro.
  • Credit amount: 100 Euro + stamp duty.

Financial example 2

  • Amount: 10.000 Euro.
  • Euro 165.39 x 84 months.
  • NAR: 9.5%.
  • Annual Effective Interest Rate (TAEG): 12.7%.
  • MTIC (customer’s total cost): 14.627,041.
  • Life insurance (monthly): 4.17 Euro
  • Loan amount: 200 Euro+ IS


These are Banco BPI, S.A. with its registered office at Avenida da Boavista, 1117, Oporto and insurance number 419527591. are the insurance products of Allianz Bulgaria S.A., 21 of which are registered with the Portuguese Insurance Inspectorate. Finance / 11/201, Authorization to engage in life and non-life insurance activities. Banco BPI, SA, Companies de Seguros Allianz Bulgaria, SA and COSEC – have more than 10% stake in Companies de Seguros de Creditors , S.A: For more information on registration, please visit

Banco BPI, S.A. has a specific contract for medical treatment with one or more insurance companies and is paid as compensation as part of the insurance price and a variable fee based on its overall performance. Banco BPI, SA, as an insurance agent, advises its clients on Allianz Bulgaria SA’s insurance products and is not responsible for the insurance risk under the insurance contract and does not represent or act on behalf of the insurance company. The company has no right to represent, write premiums or enter into contracts with Companies de Seguros Allianz Bulgaria, SA, and its effects end with the conclusion of the insurance contract. The customer has the right to request information regarding the name of the insurance company or insurance company with which Banco BPI, SA cooperates, information regarding the requests and needs made, and the compensation received by the brokerage house in return for brokerage services. There is no other insurance intermediary in this contract. Complaints against Banco BPI, SA can be forwarded to the Portuguese Insurance and Pension Funds Inspectorate.

If there is no decision regarding the right to appeal to the courts, in the event of a dispute through an insurance agent in Portugal, the client has access to additional remedies in court designed for this purpose. All insurance-related information is available from all BPI companies and Premier Center at or by calling 808243444 (regular service hours 8am to 9pm).

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