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The prices below are for first-time home buyers. If you have never owned property in the UK or elsewhere in the world and are considering making the house your home, you will be considered a first home buyer. If you want to apply for a joint loan, both applicants must be the first buyers of the house.

Are you not a UK resident or have you been in the UK as a foreigner for less than 12 months? Find out how to apply for a mortgage loan in the UK and view our buy mortgage rates for new home and rentals.

It’s worth considering what your credit-to-value ratio (LTV) is. Your LTV is the ratio of the amount you borrowed to the total value of the property (expressed as a percentage).

Low LTV rates are good news because interest rates can be lower than high LTV loans. For example, £100,000 property plus £80,000 credit = 80% LTV.

Important mortgage details:

We know that there are many details you need to understand when choosing a home loan. That’s why we’ve listed some loan terms here.

Loan Value (LTV)

Shows the percentage of the value of the property you want to borrow. For example, a £100,000 property with a £80,000 loan would have an LTV of 80%. The maximum loan-to-value ratio we can give you depends on your personal situation, your property, the loan you choose and how much you borrow.
The starting price is the first percentage of our Interest calculation.

Variable Rate

When your first mortgage payment is due, your interest will be calculated using the HSBC Variable Rate or the HSBC Variable Rate to Lease. This will vary with the loan duration and is determined internally. HSBC Standard Variable Rate and HSBC Fixed Rate do not follow the Bank of England Base Rate.

Price Start Time

This is the time after the price is fixed or used.
For fixed rate and non-performing loans, the rate will revert to HSBC’s standard variable rate/lease purchase rate variable during the specified period.

Annual Percentage Ratio (APRC)

APRC represents the total value for comparison and can be used to compare home prices.

Reservation Fee

Fee paid to get a reservation fee for some mortgages.

Annual Overdraft (AOA)

For regular mortgages, you will receive an annual overpayment equal to 10% of the mortgage outstanding balance. This includes each year from the date your appointment started.
You can make additional payments at the scheduled time without paying the early repayment fee (ERC). Any amount over 10% leads to ERC which you have to pay if you pay off all or part of your mortgage. This includes whether you are switching to a different HSBC mortgage or another lender for a certain period of time. There are no prepayments in housing loans.

Down Payment Amount:

You will receive an Annual Overdraft Amount (AOA) equal to 10% of your Mortgage balance. This includes each year from the date your appointment started.
You can make additional payments for a certain period of time without paying an early payment fee (ERC).

Anything over 10% will result in an ERC and if you pay off all or part of your mortgage you will have to pay it. This includes whether you are switching to a different HSBC mortgage or another lender for a certain period of time.
The ERC includes 1% of the daily reduced advance payment (more than the annual premium) for the remaining years of the ERC period. However, up to 5% of your overpayment (after your donation is included) will be charged.

Follow-up Mortgage

No Down Payment

You can pay more without a down payment, without limit. And you can pay off your mortgage early.

End of The Fixed Period:

Payout Rate at Maturity

At maturity, the rate will change to the HSBC Standard Rate unless you change the HSBC rate.

Follow-up Mortgages

Follow-up Mortgages will follow Bank of England rates for a fixed 2-year period and will convert to HSBC Standard Conversion unless you change the HSBC rate.

Current Standard Variable Rate

Our current standard variable rate for housing loans (called HSBC Variable Rate or HSBC Standard Variable Rate) is 6.99% as of March 1, 2023. These prices are for regular events only. Or the price tracker is no longer used.

Your Mortgage Information:

The mortgage information on this page does not contain all the information you may need, so be sure to read your own mortgage information first.

Use Find & Compare to get a description Find & Compare This link will open a tool in a new window to generate a graph for each loan found.

Your loan agreement details all interest rates and fees on your mortgage. All lenders follow the same format so you can easily compare mortgage rates.

How changes in the interest rate affect your mortgage

If you have a fixed rate mortgage, you will continue to pay the same rate each month for a fixed period of time. You can set a new price up to 180 days before the end of this period. This way you can avoid wasting time using our rate change model after the interest rate has expired and you won’t be charged upfront if you don’t want to pay your current rate in the first days.

If you have a mortgage rate follower or floating rate mortgage that is tied to the Bank of England’s floor, the amount you pay can change when the rate changes. Bank of England Rate.

If your housing loan has three different models, the amount you will pay may also change when the rate changes.
If your interest rate changes, we will let you know how the change will affect your monthly payment.

You can switch to the new rate if:

  • Rate tracking.
  • Bank of England low rate rate difference link.
  • Our variable rate model.

You cannot have an early repayment rate and no interest rate option.

For more information about our current prices, you can view them online or call 0800 169 6333. Our working hours are Monday – Friday 08:00 – 20:00, Saturday and Sunday 09:00 – 17:00. We can monitor and record calls. Opening hours may vary.

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