TD Term Life Insurance.

What is term life insurance?

TD Term Life Insurance is a type of financial protection that protects your loved ones when you die.  TD Term Life Insurance. It is convenient and economical compared to other life insurance. If you die, the beneficiaries you choose will receive the money tax-free, allowing them to use the money as needed. TD term life insurance comes in a variety of styles and can be customized to meet your unique needs.  TD Term Life Insurance.

Watch this 90-second video to learn more about how TD Term Life Insurance can protect you and your family.

Advantages of TD Term Life Insurance.

  1. No obligation offer: Get an offer in 60 seconds without any contact information. You can apply online in just 10 minutes.
  2. Fixed Premium: Enjoy a fixed premium rate that keeps your premium constant and guarantees that it will not increase throughout the policy period. This forecast makes budgeting easier.
  3. Instant approval, no exam required: If you are under 50, you can get up to $1,000,000 coverage instantly, without the hassle of an exam.
  4. 30-Day Review Period: You have 30 days to review the policy after it is published. If you decide to cancel at this time, all fees will be refunded.
  5. Convertible Coverage: Before you turn 69, you have the option to convert your 10-year or 20-year term life plan into 100-year term life insurance without health questions or physical examination.

Product Introduction.

Choose from a variety of TD Term Life insurance plans to suit your needs:

10-Year Term Life.

  • Great for people with short-term financial commitments.
  • Eligible Age: 18 to 6 months after 70th birthday.
  • Renew at the end of every 10-year period; There is no need for a survey or medical examination.
  • Coverage ends at age 80.
  • It may range from 69 to 100 semesters before age 80.
  • Preferred price is available.

20 Year Life Insurance.

  • Good for new parents, young parents, or those with long-term financial responsibilities such as homeowners.
  • Suitable Age: 18 to 6 months after the 60th birthday.
  • Automatic renewal at the end of each 20-year period, with no survey or physical examination required.
  • Coverage ends at age 80.
  • Convert to a multiple of 100 before age 69.
  • Preferred value available.

Term 100 Lifetime Insurance.

  • Designed for people who need lifetime insurance at no additional cost.
  • Eligible Age: 18 to 6 months after 70th birthday.
  • These services are valid for life.

New 10 Year and 20 Year Term Life Plan Discounts.

Save 10% on your TD Term Life Insurance:

  • If you are a TD customer including TD Auto Finance, TD Insurance Home and/or Auto, or TD Wealth.
  • You complete your application online.

You can save 5% if:

  • You or your spouse are graduates of an eligible Canadian university or member of an eligible institution.

Note: You can save up to 10% if you apply online, are a TD customer and are a graduate or professional.

Follow these steps to get the discounts:

  1. Check your price: Get a license that is valid for you and say you are a TD customer or graduate/professional.
  2. Apply for coverage: You can apply for coverage after receiving the certificate. If approved, you will receive the discount shown in the offer.

How much insurance do you need?

  • Use TD’s free life insurance calculator to determine the amount of coverage needed to protect your loved ones in the event of your death.

What Doesn’t Pay.

It is important to understand the circumstances under which benefits may not be paid. These include:

  • Repayment of premiums within 2 years from the date of insurance coverage in case of death by suicide.
  • Hiding or presenting false information during the application process.

Please see model policy provided for terms and conditions.

Want to learn more about life insurance?

Visit our Learning Center to find helpful information on all aspects of life insurance.

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  • Life Insurance for Teens and Young Adults: Learn why it’s never too early to consider life insurance, even at a young age.
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Getting Started.

  • Check Your Fees: Start by reviewing your non-liability fees.
  • Calculate your coverage: Use the TD Life Insurance Calculator to estimate your insurance needs.
  • Call us: If you have questions or need assistance, TD will call you and a licensed life insurance advisor will be ready to help. Please call or call us at 1-888-788-0839.

TD Term Life Insurance is designed to give you and your loved ones the peace of mind knowing that their future is protected, no matter what the future holds.

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