Long Term Balance Transfer Credit Card.

Long Term Balance Transfer Credit Card.

Long Term Balance Transfer Credit Card. Are you looking for a credit card that is flexible and allows you to save on interest? MBNA’s shopping and credit cards will be perfect for your financial needs. Long Term Balance Transfer Credit Card. Before applying for this card, you need to know the following information: Long Term Balance Transfer Credit Card.

Credit Tips:

  • You can transfer up to 95% of your credit potential.
  • The minimum balance to transfer is £100.
  • You can transfer balances from most credit and savings cards except other NatWest debit cards.

Key features:

  • 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers: 0% interest on new purchases and balances for up to 17 months. This means that you will not be charged interest on these transactions during the initial period, giving you time to manage your finances.
  • Annual Representative Rate (Variable): The Annual Representative Rate (APR) for this card is 24.9% (Variable). Keep in mind that your APR will vary depending on your credit score.
  • Eligibility: To apply for this card, you must be a UK resident, aged 18 or over and have an annual income of at least £10,000. You will need to provide at least three years of your UK address history, your email address, phone number and main banking details. You also need to have a clean financial record with no Court Orders (CCJs), Personal Agreements (IVAs) or bankruptcy. The card is not given to unemployed people and students. If your MBNA credit card application has been rejected within the last 30 days, you will not be able to benefit from this right.

Representative example:

  • Purchase rate: 24.9% p.a. (variable)
  • Agent fee: 24.9% (variable)
  • Default credit limit: £1,200
  • Annual fee: £0

Please note that the actual credit limit and APR offered to you will vary depending on . in your credit score.

Why this card is good for you:

  • Paying on big purchases: If you’re planning to make a big purchase, this card allows you to buy now and spread the value over time that’s convenient for you; There is no interest for the first 17 years thereafter. Opening a Plus account within months.
  • Change and Save: If you are already paying interest on an existing credit card, you can benefit from 0% interest for 17 months by switching to this card. This can make managing your debt more manageable.
  • Simple Mobile App: The card comes with a mobile app that allows you to easily track your balance and make payments. You can easily manage your money using their applications.

Check eligibility without impacting your credit score:

MBNA has an eligibility check that lets you know if you’re approved for this card and provides a limitation indicator. The best part is that using this checker does not affect your credit score.


  • If you do not make a monthly payment, your 0% campaign will not be canceled but a late fee will be charged. You will receive regular emails and reminders to keep you updated on 0% discount expiration and refunds.
  • Payment options are flexible so you can choose the option that works best for you.
  • Before you start your application, please review the legal documents such as the mailbox, loan agreement, our loan agreement and how we will use your information.

Are you ready to discover the advantages of the MBNA Purchase and Transfer Card? Check your current eligibility and learn how your credit limit affects your credit score. Start your application today and manage your finances.


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